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Nationality decisions

Discover Boundless Horizons with JR Reality Turkey


Naturalization law

Turkey president issued a decision that grants citizenship to foreign property owners starting from 19.09.2018 (Value: 250.000$)


Property Under Construction

A new amendment grants Turkish citizenship to foreign (under construction) property owners starting from 19.09.2018 (Value: 250.000$)


Palestinians Ownership

A new decision issued grants the right to property and the Turkish citizenship to Palestinians who hold a travel document (Value: 250.000$)


Naturalization Law

A new presidential decision includes amendments to obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey worth $400,000, to be implemented on June 13, 2022 (Value: 400.000$)


Discover Boundless Horizons with JR Reality Turkey


Discover Boundless Horizons with JR Reality Turkey

Owning a property worth 400.000$

1 to 30 Days

Obtaining investor residence permit

1 to 60 Days

Application for Turkish citizenship

1 to 90 Days


Discover Boundless Horizons with JR Reality Turkey

Frequently Question

Discover Boundless Horizons with JR Reality Turkey

By making a real estate investment of over $400,000 in Turkey and agreeing not to sell the property for a minimum of 3 years, one can qualify for Turkish citizenship.

s per the Turkish Citizenship Law published in the Turkish Official Newspaper on 13-06-2022, individuals can apply for Turkish citizenship through various means, including:

  1. Investing in a property valued at over $400,000 and committing to retain ownership for a minimum of 3 years.
  2. Making a fixed investment of at least $500,000.
  3. Creating job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens.
  4. Depositing a minimum of $500,000 in a Turkish bank.

To qualify for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Purchase a property in Turkey either from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish legal entity, such as a real estate company.
  • The property should have a legal title deed, even if it is still under construction.
  • The property’s value must exceed $400,000.
  • Payment for the property should be conducted through a bank transfer from a bank either outside or inside Turkey.
  • As the buyer, you must commit not to sell the property for a minimum of 3 years.

The dollar exchange rate for the property will be determined based on the official rate as per the Turkish Central Bank bulletin on the date of purchase.

The Turkish government has established a dedicated office for citizenship applications, aimed at streamlining the process for investors. After submitting all required documents, the office processes and evaluates the files promptly. The decision regarding citizenship approval is typically issued within 45 days from the date of receiving a complete application.

The decision to grant Turkish citizenship is solely made by the Turkish government after thorough scrutiny of all submitted documents. Once the government receives all required documents, they assess the file and make the citizenship decision accordingly.

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